Where to invest? – For Job Starters in India

I have been planning to write this short post for a very long time. If you’re starting a job and do not have a lot of money to invest, here are the five streams where you should invest your money from Day – 1 for you to enjoy your retirement. Start with smaller denominations and then move upwards depending upon your understanding and returns percentage.

  • Bank: I am personally not a big fan of banks given that banks do not follow Islamic rules of money management hence making most of the transactions not permissible for a Muslim. However, if you don’t have these obligations, you can invest and accumulate your money in a bank In the form of
    • Fixed Deposits
    • Recurring Deposits



  • Cryptocurrency: As you’d already know, this is a highly volatile market, but equally rewarding as well at times. So here are the top crypto exchange apps in India, that you can use to invest in Cryptocurrencies:

The currencies that I would suggest to initially begin with (given that these are less risky) are

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Binance Coin


  • Stock Market: Less risky than the crypto market but should definitely be used for long-term investments. Please don’t invest too much in the first attempt as this is a highly risky business. So start with less risky stocks like TCS, HCL, Infosys, etc. Mobile Applications to use for this are:


  • Gold: Last but not least gold, as the gold and stock market, generally work in opposite direction, so investment in gold will decrease the loss factor in case the stock market is in red and you need to cash your investment for an urgent expenditure.